Export HTML table to Excel File using PHP

Certainly you want the ease of processing data, such as micro and macro data processing. How are you required to export data in the form of CSV or Excel data using PHP programming language?

OK, here I will give a tutorial on how to export html tables into excel automatically using php.

You don’t need to use a lot of libraries or use other modules, just one line of php with javascript.


Below is an example of a script, you just copy paste to do an experiment before floating it later.

Create a php file like in the code above, then save it on your htdocs if you use the apache web server.
Then run it in your browser, then automatically when loading data automatically there will be an option to save the file with the .csv extension which will be opened using the Microsoft Excel program.

Until here it’s over.
You can modify it using a database. The most important thing is to make sure “echo” or the print in the form of “<table>” .

Thus a review of how to export html tables into excel automatically using php.

Keep the spirit to write, and give knowledge to anyone. Thankyou so much.

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